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Find three examples of weak digital headlines and provide a new headline and a push notification for each. You may have up to 65 characters per headline and 50 characters per push notification. Be sure to include the source for each weak headline, including URL.

Headline/push notification: What’s going on with Trump and Biden and Ukraine
“UPDATE: What we know about the whistleblower” (push) or “Whistleblower in Washington: What we know so far” (headline)

Headline/push notification: A Crackdown on Islam Is Spreading Across China
Solutions: “Chinese government destroying mosques” (push) or “Chinese government restricts Islamic traditions, closes mosques” (headline)

Headline/push notification: Flooded again: Climate change is making flooding more frequent in Southeast Texas
Solutions: “Texas flooding indicative of climate change” (push) or “Climate change causing increased flooding in Southeast Texas” (headline)

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